We deliver your dream, on time and within budget.

Caliper Projects are a company founded on design and craftmanship with a commitment to quality, attention to detail and unrivalled customer service. We believe that by developing your design at the front end, building projects can be planned properly; leading to delivery within the agreed timescales and budget. Investing time in the design phase means we know exactly what we are going to be doing and how long it is going to take. This also facilitates an accurate quoting process which mitigates the risk, as far as possible, of unexpected projects costs. At Caliper, we create quotes that are akin to architect’s tender document. In an industry that is rife with under costing, unreliability and poor time management, this approach is as transparent as a breath of fresh air.

What we can help you do

Explore and develop your vision; deliver your design; meet your budget; achieve the agreed programme; reduce the stress of your project.

  • Measured surveys
  • Existing and proposed plans, elevations and sections
  • Structural engineering
  • Interior design
  • Development of interior specifications
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom design
  • Electrical/lighting schemes
Project Management
  • Project programming
  • Communication of timescales using Gantt charts
  • Open communication and availability
  • Budget management
  • Compliance with building regulations (building control)
  • Planning permission
  • Certificates of lawfulness
  • Listed building consents
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Refurbishment
  • Lofts
  • Extensions
  • Basements
  • New build
  • Architect led projects
  • Prefabricated/modular construction